Basic Visualization for Civic Tech

A major part of civic tech is the ability to visualize data. The ability to create maps, graphs, and charts quickly and effectively improves the ability of a civic tech community to help tell the story of their community through data.

One excellent way to create visualizations is through the ggplot2 package. Using R and data provided through the Delaware Open Data Portal, we can build an example of a simple visualization that shows the power of ggplot2. Continue reading “Basic Visualization for Civic Tech”

All In for AI First

If your businesses’ website has been redesigned sometime in the past decade, you’ve probably heard the phrase “mobile first”.  The idea is simple – design websites and applications with mobile phones in mind first and then scale from there. It’s a concept that started to take hold as consumers began accessing content on their mobile devices more than their desktop computers.  You can start to see a rise in searches for “mobile first” in 2010, soon after Google began pushing the design philosophy:

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Seven Business Questions You Can Answer Using Predictive Analytics

“Predictive analytics”. If you’ve paid any attention to the business or tech world over the past several years, then you’ve heard the phrase. It’s a phrase that has likely been accompanied by other intimidating phrases like “big data” or “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning”.  Over the past decade, these phrases have only become more popular and even more important for businesses to understand. Don’t believe us? Here’s what the Google Trends for both “big data” and “machine learning” look like over the past 13 years.

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The Six Questions You Need to Ask to Understand a Forecast

At its heart, predictive analytics is about making better choices.  If your company has the opportunity to make an informed decision, then it is likely to be more successful in the long run.  There are plenty of ways that predictive analytics does this – from artificial intelligence to clustering to regression.  One particularly important tool for predictive analytics is time series analysis.  We might refer to this as creating forecasts for the future.  This is a phrase that we’ve all heard before.  In fact, when you read the word forecast, you probably thought of a graph that looked suspiciously like this:

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Open data will help drive economic development and innovation for Delaware

This past month, the State of Delaware launched its Open Data Portal – an interactive, online repository of state issued datasets. While this may seem to be a small step forward for the state, the Open Data Portal has the potential to be a driver for economic development and innovation. Continue reading “Open data will help drive economic development and innovation for Delaware”